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Recently Added Books:



EcoErotica by Selena Kitt

Available at Amazon Micro Review:  Ecologically sound and environmentally hot-as-Hades! This collection shows the quality of Selena Kitt's writing, as she checks her trademark taboo kink at the door, in ...
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Lucky 7 by Sommer Marsden

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Wildly descriptive and hot as hell, this collection of seven stories simmers with heat as we delve into the minds of seven souls looking for ...
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Tell Me a Story by Tamara Lush

Available at Amazon Micro Review: She had us at the mention of 'Moliere' on page 1. Sassy banter interwoven with enough description to make us care about the protagonists, this ...
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Damned If You Do by Lisabet Sarai

Available at Amazon Micro Review: With intelligence and dark wit, the protagonist commences a journey that takes the everyday to the extraordinary in this tale of temptation by the devil ...
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Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2 by Rachel Kramer Bussel (editor)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Imaginative, high-heat, high-quality erotica. Varied stories that span the globe, but all have in common the heated bliss of finding a human connection, mind and body ...
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The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Sharp as a rapier, beautifully tongue in cheek, and full of wit, this is a wildly mayhem-filled joyous romp of a murder mystery. Description: Mr ...
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The Lure of Dangerous Women by Shanna Germain

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Atmospheric, intense, with the possibilities for dark tragedy and danger around every corner. Wonderfully evocative writing. Description: Dangerous women aren’t always the ones who carry ...
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The Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou

Available at Amazon Micro Review: The descriptions are elegant, cultured, precise and practiced - like the schooled participants after their training. Lush language wielded with intelligence to form a wonderfully ...
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The Museum of Deviant Desires by Fulani

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Sensual erotica centred around the subculture of dark BDSM with its harsh devotion and seemingly-at-times cruel brutality, but seasoned always with affection and devotion, providing ...
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The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy/Quartet by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Anne Rice (author of Interview with the Vampire) trades sensual gothic horror/tragedy for sensual debauchery in this modern take on a classic fairy tale. Sumptuously ...
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The Villa Series by LN Bey

Available at Amazon Micro Review: With Bey, it's less about the literary aspects and more about the imaginative situations and torments she dreams up for the inhabitants of her books' ...
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Under Her Thumb: Erotic Stories of Female Domination by D. L. King (Editor)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Carefully curated, lovingly selected stories to warm the cockles of your heart with strong women and those who tenderly, willingly (and not so willingly) submit ...
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Wanderlust: A Literary Erotica Anthology (Mofo Pubs Presents Book 1) by Megan Lewis (editor)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Lovingly selected by Megan Lewis, the Mofo Pubs Presents series provide anthologies of short literary erotica at its best, bringing together a range of excellent ...
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Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica by Violet Blue (Editor)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: An accessible assembly of cyberpunk erotica. Even the foreword is well worth the price of admission. Description: yberpunk anti-heroes face global conspiracies, misused government R&D, ...
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Melt With You: A Rouge Erotic Romance by Alison Tyler

Available at Amazon Micro Review: A sexy, fun, nostalgic, romp. Take a time-warped stroll down memory lane. Near history that many will remember and love. Who wouldn't want to go ...
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A Bouquet of Gardenias by Judy Kemp

Available at Amazon Micro Review:  A fun, wild romp with plenty of suburban sex as a conventional couple grows to include another female in their sex life. The storytelling has a ...
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Never: An Erotic Retelling of Peter Pan by Elizabeta Brooke

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Exotic, luxuriously-decadent storytelling. A delight. Description: Dr Wendee Williams has spent her adult life trying to forget her dark past. She has marriage and a ...
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Adultery: The Scarlet Alphabet by Rod Kierkegaard Jr

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Brimming with wit, this is razor-sharp writing with tongue firmly in cheek. Love it! Description: "Big Love" meets Manhattan - A darkly iconic contemporary comedy ...
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Ripping the Bodice by Inara Lavey

Available at Amazon Micro Review: It may not be high art, but with tongue firmly planted in cheek, this is sure to wrench a chuckle from anyone familiar with bodice ...
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Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica by D.L. King (editor)

Available at Amazon Micro Review: Engaging, imaginative, with sensuality wonderfully described, even veiled under propriety of the Victorian era. Description: The Victorians wrote some of the best and most enduring ...
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Recent Editorial:



clever intelligent erotic romance

Elly May, Peggy Hole and Genre Diversity

I've always found the concept of books having to fit squarely into set 'genres' difficult to stomach - much as I don't like being reduced to a homogenised category myself ...
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cleverotic romance, intelligent erotic literature

Cleverotica (intelligent erotic romance) now has a home!

It's 3 July 2017, and intelligent erotica and erotic romance (smart smut? smexy reads? wanton works? licentious literature?) now has a home, and it's called cleverotic / cleverotica! Welcome to ...
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