Cleverotica = clever erotica.
If you like a little protein with your escapist cotton candy; if you think smart is sexy and brawn needs a brain, sate your psyche and your senses by delving into the literary offerings showcased here. is for lovers of intelligent, steamy romance and scorching-hot, smart literature.


The Mythophilia Saga by Lilith K Duat
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  Available at Amazon In Balance of Chaos, (book 1 of The Mythophilia Saga), Discordia is chaos incarnate and while Greece invades Egypt, the African sands are hers to turn bloody. When Anup, stoic judge of the dead, tries to plead with … Read More

Santa’s Gift by Olivia Ford
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  Available at Amazon (free with KU) Why do nice girls want naughty things?  Sweet, shy and single, Kate Taylor is having a rough semester. With her grad school English Lit program kicking her butt, she ought to look forward … Read More

The Painted Door Series by Gia Renata
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  Available at Amazon Carolina Black is content enough with her humble art gallery in a ramshackle town, but her life takes a turn for the unexpected when a fall-by-mopping leaves her trapped inside a fairy tale painting late one … Read More

Plucking Rosebud by Chera Zade & Fanny Mills
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  Available at Amazon (free with KU) Bored with aristocratic life, Lady Gwendolyn Rose Brearly sneaks out to look for a little diversion. In the dark of night, through the window of a mysterious stone cottage, she spies on a … Read More

The Disturbia Ritual by Lilith K Duat
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  Available at Amazon You’re grown up now and the monsters are real. Only they’re not under your bed…they’re in it. Ever since his wife, Ava, was taken from him in a brutal car accident, Corvus Deryn has yearned for … Read More

Story of O by Pauline Reage
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  Available at Amazon The notorious novel of dark obsession.  How far will a woman go to express her love? In this exquisite novel of passion and desire, the answer emerges through a daring exploration of the deepest bonds of … Read More

Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin
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  Available at Amazon An extraordinarily rich and exotic collection from the mistress of erotic writing In Delta of Venus, Anais Nin pens a lush, magical world where the characters of her imagination possess the most universal of desires and exceptional … Read More

The Experiences Series by Simone Freier
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  Available at Amazon “Sexy, imaginative, descriptive and filled with substance.  A fascinating, top-notch read.” Spanning eight books and 922,000 words, the Experiences series challenges perspectives on love, sex, nudity and kink, as the main characters explore a mind-boggling range … Read More

Blue by LN Bey
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  Available at Amazon Kinky, sexy, intelligent and perceptive, Blue is both highly-entertaining social satire and red-hot erotica. Recently-divorced Janet is both fearful and aroused when Jon invites her to join an exclusive club of kinksters by hosting a dinner … Read More

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas
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  Available at Amazon Emily Vargas has been taken captive. As part of his conditioning methods, her captor refuses to speak to her, knowing how much she craves human contact. He’s far too beautiful to be a monster. Combined with … Read More

The S’expert by Evie Bliss
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  Available at Amazon (free with KU) “Smoking-hot sex: is that too much to ask?” Mandy ponders in a crowded inner-city bar. Although she wants a night of mindless, no-strings-attached, high-octane heat, one can’t escape one’s inner nature – which … Read More

Dirty-Good by Evie Bliss
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  Available at Amazon (free with KU) BDSM for brainiacs: “Scorching-hot, cerebrally sexy, and a geeky blend of steamy romance and smart discourse told in a fresh, new voice.” Dungeon Dan is disillusioned with the purely physical, while diligent Deb seeks … Read More

Like A Bird by Laurie Varga
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  Available at Amazon   A Contemporary Beauty and the Beast romance with a lust triangle. Can unexpected romance free a wealthy recluse from a cage of his own making? Gareth Renaut, a mysterious investor, lives in isolation after a work … Read More

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