Carrie’s Story & Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield (Pam Rosenthal)

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Carrie’s Story & Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield (Pam Rosenthal)


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Micro Review: Carrie’s Story and its sequel, Safe Word, are quintessential examples of long-form BDSM ‘erotica with a story’. Relayed in first person, we learn not only of what has happened and is happening to the submissive Carrie, but also her reflections, thoughts and reactions to it all.

Description: “I had been Jonathan’s slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn’t in any condition to respond when he told me this.” So begins Carrie’s tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Set in San Francisco and Napa Valley, this is an erotic journey into the netherworld of slave auctions and training regimes. Imagine Story of O starring a Berkeley Ph.D. in comparative lit who moonlights as a bike messenger and has a penchant for irony, self-analysis, and anal sex. “My favorite neo-Victorian erotic romance writer … bring on the ponies!” — Susie Bright



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