Cleverotica (intelligent erotic romance) now has a home!

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cleverotic romance, intelligent erotic literature
How many four-leaf clovers can you find?

It’s 3 July 2017, and intelligent erotica and erotic romance (smart smut? smexy reads? wanton works? licentious literature?) now has a home, and it’s called cleverotic / cleverotica!

Welcome to cleverotic/a – a place to find and share clever erotic books that make both mind and body sing!  (though looking at the photo attached, perhaps today we should call it ‘cloverotica’!  There are at least two four-leafed clovers in this image. I photographed this patch of clover several years ago in the grass at the back of my house. From memory, there were three four-leafers in the one small patch of clover – I’m not sure where the third one is in the photo, but two are clearly and easily visible).  I thought the four-leaf clover picture was apt to give ‘the luck of the Irish’ to the official kick-off of cleverotic/a.

So what is cleverotic or cleverotica?  The word is a combination of clever and erotic/a and we’ve coined the term to describe works of art that are both smart and steamily erotic.  It grew out of many readers’ frustrations at not being able to find books that were both intelligently-written and scorching-hot.  The aim of the site is to provide lists of quality books written specifically to appeal to higher-IQ adult readers of erotic and steamy romance content.

The site was born out of our own frustration at not being able to easily find well-written, intelligent and Hot-as-all-Hell romance and erotica books.  We tossed around for some time the idea of making a community and listing service where we (and others) could gather together a list of really good cleverotic works to share.  Efforts were finally galvanised, and though ten days ago we didn’t quite know what WordPress was, less than a fortnight later we’ve come into existence! is born!

We hope this site will become an area for readers and authors alike to share books and their thoughts on clever erotic writing.  We hope the site provides an avenue for intelligent romance readers to find their next great read!  We’ll be publishing authors interviews in the coming months, and down the track we hope to incorporate other ways for authors and readers to interact.

We’re inviting readers to place book reviews into the comments section on the page for any books you wish to.  This will help other readers decide which books they’ll most enjoy, as well as providing valuable feedback for cleverotic authors.  We hope this will become a thriving community for discerning high-IQ readers wanting to find their next steamy romance/erotica read.

It’s all new to us though, so let us know (through the comments page) if you have any suggestions, or you like/or don’t like anything we’re doing, or just write to say Hi.

And if you know any cleverotic books that should be included, fill in the Nominate page to bring them to our attention.  You don’t have to be an author – anyone can nominate as many books as they like.  Send us your ideas so we can grow the cleverotic list so we can all find our next smart sexy read!

Cheers and happy reading

Evie  XX


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