EcoErotica by Selena Kitt

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EcoErotica by Selena Kitt


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Micro Review:  Ecologically sound and environmentally hot-as-Hades! This collection shows the quality of Selena Kitt’s writing, as she checks her trademark taboo kink at the door, in favour of languidly painting with deep, rich colours that slowly build fire and develop understanding, as our protagonists discover moments of true connection that sizzle with a sensuality not seen enough in modern writing. This collection of stories melds the world of humankind with the environment to touch on what joins us all. A warning though: don’t expect an HEA with all of these.

Description: 2009 Eppie Award Finalist. In this tribute to nature and the environment, Selena Kitt pays homage to Mother Earth’s beauty and grandeur — and her conservation. Who else could tackle topics like global warming, strip mining, animal endangerment and environmental toxicity, all while making them hot, hot, hot?

This anthology includes seven sexy and environmentally provocative stories that will rock your world—and arouse and raise more than your environmental awareness.  Stories include: The Break, Cry Wolf, Genesis, Law of Conservation, Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice, Paved Paradise and bonus story Core Deep.

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