Take Me Like the World Ends at Midnight by Terrance Aldon Shaw

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Take Me Like The World Ends At Midnight by Terrance Aldon Shaw


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Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. The eight stories in this volume capture the thrill of the unexpected; a handsome stranger’s touch in a dark theater; a night of passion with the most unlikely of mystery men; the sheer adrenaline rush of sudden contact; the silent promise of ecstasy. In “Her Dark Passage”, ignored by her husband and abandoned by her so-called best friend, Jessi is left alone on a rainy night to celebrate her fortieth birthday at a decrepit old movie house. But the Humphrey Bogart double feature is less interesting than the handsome young stranger who sits down next to her halfway through the show.

In “Saturday Nights in the Middle of Nowhere” deep in the wild, wide-open subconscious of the southern Great Plains, a shadowy roadhouse caretaker tells the tale of aspiring chanteuse, Suzan L’Amour, and the unlikely lover who changed her life forever. “The Sweet Guy Tells All” answers the question of whether nice guys ever get lucky.  The action in “Sleeping Dogs and Southern Comfort” sees Nancy and her boyfriend head to a reunion of his old Marine unit, where Nancy finds herself in bed with “the other woman’s” gorgeous, half-wit brother. In “Night Vision” a down-and-out ex jazz DJ discovers an unusual ability, born of his very ordinariness. “Three Lies Before the River” sees gorgeous Terri’s psychic ability, which has always given her an edge both on the job and at the poker table, put to the test as a co-worker complicates matters.  In “Mr. Friday’s Midlife Crisis”, a 60-year-old man meets life head-on in the form of a smart-mouthed, vivacious nineteen-year-old college coed with major cash-flow problems and a boyfriend who bores her to tears. In “Summer of ‘69”, hot on the heels of Woodstock and moon-landings, sixteen-year-old Nate’s family vacation at Lake Michigan ends up in turmoil when long-lost “Aunt” Penny shows up for a visit.

Most of these stories are also available in an ebook titled “Six Erotic Tales: The Complete Entertainments (So Far)”.



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