The Fairy Tale Heat Series by Lidiya Foxglove

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The Fairy Tale Heat Series by Lidiya Foxglove

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Micro Review: Atmospheric, lilting and ethereal. Fairy tales retold with deep description and imagination. Storytelling in the true sense of tales woven from the fabric of imagination. Twists and turns and changes of yarn, vivid world-building of swirling colours well described, amid wondering where the story is leading as you head further into the delightful labyrinth. Every little girl’s (and big girls?) princess fairy tales come to life. Enjoyable, if spasmodically serpentine, reading.

Description: For the past ten years, the Goblin King has stayed locked away in his caverns. He only opens his doors for one purpose: he will give one gold coin for every night a girl is willing to spend with him. Despite his fearsome reputation, his fangs and claws, the girls come back safe and sound, and they never say a word about it. One must be very desperate to accept such an offer…or very curious. Well, everyone says curiosity has always been my downfall. Too clever for a girl so beautiful. Now my family is on the brink of losing everything. My sister Clara knows the goblin king’s story has always intrigued me, and she’s willing to sacrifice me to get her hands on his money. But I finally have the chance to sate my curiosity. What will I find when I get there? A man who is cruelly cursed, haunted by a past misdeed? Or the man who will unlock all of my secret desires? It has been a long time since the Goblin King trusted anyone, but if he is willing to trust me, I might be able to save him and his people. But the witch who cursed him is close at hand, and she doesn’t play fair. Beauty and the Goblin King is a fairy tale retelling for those who like an adorable happily ever after with a side of serious steaminess!



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