The Villa Series by LN Bey

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The Villa Series by LN Bey


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Micro Review: Bey has again dreamt up a plethora of situations and torments for the inhabitants of her books’ pages. Like her novel, ‘Blue’, the Villa series is provocative, imaginative and darkly-explicit BDSM erotica that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Description: Submissive David has sold himself into a year of sexual servitude at an exclusive live-in BDSM manor, devoting his body and mind to the pleasure of the wealthy clientele who come to stay and play at the exclusive Renaissance castle in Italy. Today is David’s birthday, which means above and beyond the usual humiliations, the Masters and Mistresses have put their imaginations to work devising unique torments in celebration of David’s special day. How will the clientele use him for sport? And what part will the mysterious new female arrival play in the unfolding drama? Bey’s ‘Villa’ series is set to comprise 12 linked novelettes (with the first 3 currently available) depicting a global network of wealthy élites who trade and train voluntary slaves for their sexual amusement. It’s a rough life, submitting to these people, and leaving can be difficult once accepted – yet for some, this is exactly what they’ve been searching for. Welcome to The Villa – an unforgettable experience.



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