The S’expert by Evie Bliss

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Sexy Erotic Romance, Cleverotica
The S’expert by Evie Bliss


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“Smoking-hot sex: is that too much to ask?” Mandy ponders in a crowded inner-city bar.

Although she wants a night of mindless, no-strings-attached, high-octane heat, one can’t escape one’s inner nature – which in Mandy’s case is her high IQ!  Drawn to brains as well as brawn, Mandy needs that elusive package of a dirty-talking intellect to match her own, and an insatiable appetite for no-holds-barred debauchery.

Fall in love with Mandy as she falls head over heels for ‘The S’expert’ in an astoundingly-cerebral, crotch-soaking, life-affirming rollercoaster of a ride.
If you like High-IQ Heat, let the S’expert sate your intellect as well as your senses with a bitingly-clever debut that’s hot enough to melt your Mensa card!



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