Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica by Violet Blue (Editor)

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Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica by Violet Blue (Editor)


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Micro Review: An accessible assembly of cyberpunk erotica. Even the foreword is well worth the price of admission.

Description: yberpunk anti-heroes face global conspiracies, misused government R&D, thugs, drugs, true love, artificial intelligence, and vengeful sexbots in this collection’s heady mix of sci-fi and sex. Wetware shows how hot “high tech low life” can be when all the glittering and frightening possibilities of cyberpunk meet the crisis point of sexual need. Seven unpredictable stories depict hackers, transhumans, androids, pop stars, armed revolutionaries, government contractors and more who discover that sex is hotter with hacked, stolen and renegade tech — especially when it’s a high-risk proposition. Cyberpunk’s sexuality has always been transgressive and prescient; this collection brings the genre’s tradition into the current state of cyberpunk affairs. Wetware isn’t a typical erotica collection, nor is it a typical sci-fi anthology. It’s also a rich celebration of hacker and cyberpunk culture, within the hallmarks of this culture’s rich and diverse sexualities and genders. It’s a tech-savvy, philosophically-rich, erotic anthology artfully spiked with cyberpunk-themed cocktail recipes and recommendations for sexy cyberpunk films, books, and anime.



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